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About This Project

With the success of the General Store rebranding, Florte was accepted in the coveted K11 Mall in Kowloon and General Store continued with the project, creating Florte’s first stand-alone store.

The design is classic but modern which perfectly encapsulates the essence of the brand.

The facade of the store introduces the brand with subtly ornate metal work and a green Garden Wall. At the front of the store are the Florte signature and custom made bird cages – the interior of which is a lush and green garden.

The shelves are lined with the General Store designed product and custom spots for each category including the Taste Tubes and a loose tea station.

Another General Store concept is the center of the store – the Smelling Station. The beautiful tea product is displayed in glass bowls and covered with a glass cloche. The essence of the flavor is captured in the cloche and beautifully displays the bouquet of the flavor.

The staff wears the General Store designed uniforms.

Interior Design(Commercial)